Founded in 1950, Incorporated in 1979

In the Spring of 1950 in Lower Makefield Township, three young women were chatting in their back yards. Everything seemed to be new at the time. Construction was everywhere; industry was exploding, and education and new careers were being vigorously pursued.

The conversation drifted and eventually they found themselves discussing how they might, individually or collectively, become involved in the changes that would impact all of them. One of them had a wonderful idea and suggested organizing a woman’s club. All of them agreed this was a great idea and thus was born the Lower Makefield Woman’s Club.  Under the originator’s leadership, as she was the first president, the seeds were sown for an organization that reached its zenith in membership of two hundred and fifty within a very few years. Our first president served with distinction.

The original meetings were held in the homes of the potential members. From this nucleus, committees were formed, by-laws written, departments organized and finally, plans made for the first formal meeting held on September 26, 1950. The first guest speaker was the president of the Bucks County Federation of Women’s Clubs. Over the years, the club has raised thousands of dollars on behalf of local charities and worthy institutions.